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We are the vaginas of the future.'s Journal
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Sunday, January 9th, 2011
9:02 am
Sunday, September 19th, 2004
4:20 pm
Name: Margaret "The Urinator" Dobson
Nicknames: The Urinator. Are you fucking retarded? I just told you it's fucking nickname. Don't ask questions if you're going to ignore the answers, you twat.
Age: Thirty three years.
Schooling: Masters in baking at Oxford.
Race: Hurdles
Male or Female?: Female.

Any awards your vagina may have recieved in the last few years?: Second in the Australian Beer awards, 2003. Assorted hurdles trophies. Asian Vagina Of The Year 2004, first place.
If your vagina could say two words, what would those two words be?: "Mug" and "baderrbaderr"
Tell us about your earliest vaginal wedgie memory: Aged five, my mother took me to the nearest playground for a bit of playing. I survived the swing, the merrygoround and, surprisingly, the seesaw, but my skirt flipped up going down the slide, my TMNT undies caught and smushed their way on up my cunt. A memory I will cherish for my life.
Tell us about your first queef: Gosh, that's been going on since before I can remember.
How many times a year does she get a haircut?: Hair? On a vagina? What?
How is her hair styled?: Bald, like all vaginas, of course.

Favorite food?: Mushrooms!
Favorite colour?: Green, dark.
Favorite band?: S Club 7

Slop your vagina on the keyboard and give it a chance to type here: g t

How often does it have vistors?: Her friend Jessica visits regularly, maybe twice a week.
Any pets: Two fish
Ages: 3 and 4 respectively.
Any family: All dead. She doesn't like to talk about it. My vagina's a bit sensitive.
Ages: --

Is your vagina a punk, goth, prep, jock, emo, dork, outcast, scene kid: Jock. Ping pong queen of the school, baby!
What sports does your vagina engage in: God, you just did it again. One more time and I'm giving up.
How often does it show signs of spitting multi-colors: During a two week bout of a fever after her syphillus shot, she was spitting constantly. Before and after, none that I remember.
Do you ever get shit on it?: Too often for my liking!
Do you like the color yellow?: Not even an eensy weenie bit.

Any disfiguring accidents?: None.
Earliest memory?: Suffocating and nearly dying on nappies!

Ever make bread during a yeast infection: It burnt.
Ever eat crabs with crabs?: Deep fried. Each time I get infected, I like to fine dine and treaat myself a bit.

Favorite song: S Club 7 - S Club 7.
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